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I'm doing mission 4 of No Remorse. I'd like to destroy the SORC monitoring station shown in my_screenie.jpg, but my det pacs leave it unscathed. The instructions say you have to plant "a blast pac," but I tried two, which is all I have.

It would be possible to finish without destroying that thing, but then ANDREWS WOULD HAVE DIED IN VAIN!
Post edited January 05, 2014 by Sarariman
Didn't you get a special blast pac for that mission? For any objective that you need to blow up, you will be given the device to do it with, it won't be a normal blast pac like the one you placed.

IIRC, it should look like the same one you placed in mission 1

Edit: Yes it is, check the screenie
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Shit. Is that a blast pac? Problem solved.
To tell you the truth, I keep mixing up which is a det pac, which is a blast pac and which is a fusion pac. All that matters is if you have a mission where you need to blow something up, you will find the device in your inventory when you start the mission.