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So I've been stuck for days again. I'm now on to mission 8.

I'm at the place shown in the_screenie.jpg. I think the gray thing is a door, so I have to open it, but I don't see how. There's no keycard reader. I switched on the thing with yellow lights shown in the_other_screenie.jpg. One odd thing is that the shootable switch in the_third_screenie.jpg doesn't stay switched.

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In your first screenie, that area should be a cafeteria, did you clear that area? Cos on the other end of the cafeteria is a terminal which will open up the area in the screenie I've attached to this post. It's the same area shown on the right of your second screenie. You can't miss this terminal, it's the only one in the whole cafeteria.

In your screenies, the yellow lights thingy does nothing (you'll be seeing more of them too) and the gray thingy in your first screenie isn't a door. From what it looks like to me, you just need to access the other room with 2 telepads and a container which can be done from the terminal in the cafeteria.

Hope that helps
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I used that terminal long, long ago. What's supposed to happen when I do?
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If you used the terminal I'm thinking of (first screenie in this post), it's just a case of backtracking to the area shown in the screenie in my last post. In your screenie titled the_other_screenie.jpg, you can see a container that hasn't been looted so I'm assuming you haven't opened that area yet. If the two doors leading to that area are blocked with force fields, you just need to use the terminal in the first screenie to open them, If you have open that area, the two telepads in that area will give you access to two other areas shown in the second and third screenies. Did you get to these areas already?

If you used that terminal long long ago and used the telepads to access the two areas in my second and third screenies, then this isn't the area your stuck in. In my last post, I mentioned the gray wall in your first screenie couldn't be opened and the yellow lights in your second screenie did nothing. I forgot the mention in your third screenie, there is a proximity trigger in the wall that will activate impassable beams if walked past. The shootable switch simply deactivates them, it doesn't open any new areas, check 4th screenie for details. Are there any specific doors you can't get past? Without additional information, I can only assume you haven't gone through the two telepads in that room mentioned in my last post yet.
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OK, so despite walking around the area a million and one times, I missed that container. But the telepads in that room take me to the place with the terminal, and not to the places shown in your second and third screenies. How do I get to these?
In that part of the mission, there are two rooms with two telepads. The first room is in your screenie titled the_third_screen.jpg. The second room is in my screenie entitled crusader_055.png. See the differences between the two rooms? Notice how one has a container, the other has a handrail thingy? If you say you went through the telepad but ended up in the area with the terminal, then you were using the telepad in the room with the handrail thingy which is the wrong room. You simply need to to go the other room with the two telepads and a container and use the telepads there.
Oh, I've been so very dense. I thought the two rooms with telepads were the same place. It did strike me as odd that there was a container I hadn't opened. You have the usual heartfelt thanks.
A short while later, I'm stuck again. I hope this problem is more intelligent. I'm at the place shown in my_latest_screenshot.jpg. The doors are closed, so I'm trapped. The keypad on the left raises the two platforms beneath the gas outlets marginally, while the one on the right switches on the gas. There's nothing else nearby that can be interacted with. I destroyed the generators in that_other_screenie.jpg. I grovel before you. Again.
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A yes!!! I remember the room that shuts on you and fills with poison gas. I got out of that by destroying the door on the far end with the GL-303. It's much quicker than trying to do the puzzle :)

Remember when I said lots of problems in this game can be fixed with the GL-303? It works wonders here, just blow that door up and walk through ;)
I didn't think the GL-303 would work on doors. Learning all the time. I now see it works on all sorts of places. Thanks.
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Yup, you can blow open doors in this game, just keep in mind if you do this, the base will enter code red (and possibly activate force fields which can't be punched through). Still, there wasn't many areas in the game where I felt I needed to blow up the door but it's nice to know the option is still there. When you find the AR-4500 (easily the most crass and decadent weapon in the game) in mission 10, you might find yourself blowing up some doors unintentionally ;)