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There's something I've been stuck on for a number of days, so it's time to grovel for help.

I'm near the start of Mission 3 of Crusader: No Remorse – the top of pages 81 and 128 of the Cluebook. There's an elevator platform that takes me down to a level where thermatron robots were churned out until I destroyed a generator.

There's a room with some goodies including a groovy weapon, a medikit, and a keycard. There's also a keycard reader and a switch which don't appear to do anything. At the top of the room is an energy barrier at the end of a conveyor belt. If I ignore this room there's a dead end where three robots appear, so the answer must be in this room, somewhere.

Who'd like to help me?
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At the beginning of Mission 3, the only Thermatrons I see are the ones in their docks surrounded by force fields, I couldn't find anywhere that spawned them in the beginning of the mission. Check the screenshots, is this the area you're in? As not only is it the only area where I could find spawning Thermatrons, it's also the area where your final objective lies (circled in the screenie), not anywhere near the beginning of the mission.

If this is the area, where exactly are you stuck as you didn't specify any obstacles you weren't able to pass. Also, if this isn't the area, could you provide a little more info where you are? Specific puzzles, any FMV cut scenes played and how far before/after them you went, area layout are all good. Problem with mentioning key card readers, switches and item pick ups are is that they're everywhere so it can be hard to pin point an area on that information. As you noticed, there's also a lot of conveyer belts with laser barriers on them making that information also difficult to work with.

When you mentioned spawning thermatrons, I could only think of this area.
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The location you have in mind isn't where I am. In this room are two crates, a couple of things that can't be interacted with, and a unit which had a keycard on top of it. There are generators to either side of the entrance to the final bit. You jump up onto a conveyor belt to get in, go past one crate, and then there are three horizontal laser barriers that prevent entrance, which I mentioned but you say doesn't help much (and I see your point).

Outside, the elevator platform that brought me here put me right with a thermotron. Then there's a keypad to operate the platform, the door to this room, a gun on the wall, a docked thermotron inside a force field, and a camera.

I fear this still isn't enough. Looking at the top of pages 81 and 128 of the Cluebook would settle it.
I think I found it but I never opened the secret room you were refering too. are these the areas were you're at now? Check da screenies

If you're stuck inside, how did you open that door?

EDIT: Found it, is the problem you not being able to get past those 3 beams?
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If you are trying to get past those 3 beams, well, look at the screenie and see why you don't want to ;)
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You've got it. Whoop dee damn doo. Looks like I shouldn't be in such a hurry to get past the beams. I'm curious to know how you get there.

Since I first posted, I got past the barrier just after the place shown in your second screenie (love the word, by the way) – crusader_028.png. And there are another two beams. There's a waist-high on/off switch that doesn't accomplish anything I noticed. Guards keep turning up, so if I stay for a while mayhaps I'll get some medikits from their bodies, but I'd like to one day go further, so help would still be appreciated.
Yep, you don't wanna get past those 3 beams. I never found a switch or anything for them so I turned on the hack mode, removed the wall area and the conveyer belts, rolled through the gap and .......... well......... screwed up the game ;). So, yah, you don't wanna do that.

Hope your in for some timing puzzles cos there's another right after this one. First, head to the energy recharge station and flip the switch near the telepad, this will drop the first 2 laser beams. In the first screenie, that switch you said does nothing actually activates that blue laser and it bounces back and fourth. Your goal is to get it to hit the button shown on the second screenie by raising and lowering the platforms at the right time with the switch i marked in the screenies. Remember in your other thread where you wondered how to get past the area with an inactive telepad and 4 horizontal impassable beams? Remember the left room with the turret, the cuboid thingy and the rotating pillar? See any similarities between that pillar and anything in the second screenie? If you see those, you know you'll have to rebound shots to clear the puzzle. Lots of button pushing in this area too.

Edit: Incase you ask about that door you see between the switch and the blue laser pooping thingy, I've only been able to "lockpick" it with the grenade launcher (which you are getting close to if you didn't get the one from the first mission btw). There's nothing exciting in there (just a few generator thingies) so just ignore it.
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I feel a bit dense for having missed that first switch, but the problem that comes next is beyond me. I can get the blue laser to hit the red bits at the center of the two platforms. What exactly am I trying to do with them?
Sarariman: I feel a bit dense for having missed that first switch, but the problem that comes next is beyond me. I can get the blue laser to hit the red bits at the center of the two platforms. What exactly am I trying to do with them?
You want to hit the pulsating switch on the other side of the wall. Check the second screenie in the post above to see the route you want the blue laser to take. You have to do this by lowering and raising the platforms at the right times
I'll be on the lookout for that in future. I've now finished the mission. I'll bore you with more thanks: Thanks. See you soon.
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