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I started Mission 2 of Crusader: No Remorse a short while ago. Now, at the top right-hand corner, I'm faced with four horizontal beams of light that are impassable. There was a thingy to either side, which I shot. I shot everything that could be shot.

On the top left is a non-functioning teleport, a room, and a switch. In the room is a gun turret that fires lasers – only the second or third of these that I've ever seen. There's also a unit to access CCTV of some place, a waist-high pillar with an on/off switch, and some other thing, again waist-high, with a rotating bit at the top but it can't be manipulated. In the corner is a cuboid with a metal frame and force shield walls. I operated the switches, but they don't appear to do anything.

I've been stuck on this for a few days, so it's time to ask for help.

I wanted to make this a question so the kind soul who resolves it got some karma, but I forgot to do that and I don't see how to delete posts. Oops.
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Check the screenies I posted, just want to make sure we're both thinking of the same areas. From your description, I'm hoping the area you described is in the first screenie. To get past the beams, the room on the left (second screenie) has a computer which opens the door on the right shown in the third screenie. The terminal I circled in the third screenie deactivates the force field in the room with the turret. You can how shoot the spinning thingy (check screenie 4) to hit the pulsating switch that was once blocked by the force field to pass the remaining 2 horizontal impassable beams.

If this is the wrong area, let me know and I'll try and find the next area that matches your description
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Yes, that's where I am. I don't know how you were able to conjure those screenies.

What's the computer in the first room that opens the door to the second? I see a switch that seems to do nothing and a computer that gives a camera's view of some place.
Sarariman: What's the computer in the first room that opens the door to the second? I see a switch that seems to do nothing and a computer that gives a camera's view of some place.
The computer by the pillar that gives a camera's view of some place is the one shown in the second screen shot. When you use that computer, the camera will cut to the area in the third screenie and show the door opening. Likewise, use the computer I circled in the third screenie, the camera will change to the area shown in the second screenie but show the force field in the cuboid thingy has now been deactivated.

Yeah, the switch by the barrels doesn't seem to do anything. It might open a secret but I never figured it out.

Were you able to get past that area? Check the area in the fourth screenie or the first screenie below. If the cuboid thingy doesn't have force field active, you can shoot the pillar and it will activate the switch I circled in the screenie attached to this post. That switch deactivates the remaining 2 impassable lasers which as you can see in the second screen attached to this post, I've gotten past :)
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This problem which has confounded me for days is now resolved. You have my profound thanks, although I admit you can't eat, smoke, or shag that.

The trick was to use the computer in the room with the turret that gave a view of some place whose significance was lost on me. I'd already been able to use it, but I always got deaded afterward, so I didn't notice that it opened the door.

There is another thing you could help me with if you haven't run out of niceness. Shortly after this, I killed a couple of guys who dropped cubes with blue bits on the sides. What are these? They can't be picked up.
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You mean these? (check the first screenie). If so, those are clips for the shotgun and the reason you can't pick them up is because you're already carrying the max amount.

I'm guessing you either missed the shotgun in the first mission or you haven't been using it :P. Are you carrying any other weapons besides the gun you started the game with? Press Q to cycle through your current weapons.

At the beginning of the first mission, remember the area in the second screenie with that teleport pad? Stand on it and it will take you into a room shown in the third screenie. Did you pick up that shotgun and clip from the table?
Yes, I mean those. I have a shotgun, but I've been using something else all along. When I ran out of bullets for my primary weapon and had to resort to the shotgun, I was able to pick up one of those cubes and it said it was ammunition for something, although I didn't think it said, "shotgun."

If I wasn't able to pick these things up because I already had maximal ammo, I'm happy because I haven't been missing anything. Thanks once more.
It would have said "SG-A1 clip" when you picked it up but there's another gun which uses that ammo. However, you won't be getting that gun until much later in the game.

Anyways, have fun :)
Perhaps you could give me a little Christmas present.

Not long after you last helped me, there was an elevator platform with a gun turret trained on it upon arrival, then two injury-causing beams that flashed on and off. Now, I'm in a room where there were two guys who are now sprawled on the floor. I destroyed the three cameras and operated a wall-mounted switch. The door at the end remains resolutely closed, and there's almost nothing with which to interact.

Can you put a little something in my stocking?
Which door? Check the 2 screenies to see which one. If it's the first door, did you pick up the keycard shown in the third screenie? If it's the second door, did you check the computer in the fourth screenie for the keypad code that you need to type in?

Hope that helps
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Shee-it! I walked passed the place with the keycard a zillion times, thinking, "Ooh, no, nothing here." That was a pretty lackluster performance.

After a while, I managed to work out that you have to press the nearby button first.

Muchos gracias yet again.
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