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I am stuck in Mission 7 with the awkward time limit.
I think I was progressing quite swiftly, however my last save is like one minute from the game over cut scene. I have saved the game right after the video, where he announces to me that I have to hurry, I have no idea what is wrong.

Has someone also this problem?
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Is this in Crusader: No remorse or No regret? Its been a while since I played either game but I might be able to give advice if you could describe the mission a little more (ie. which game, objectives, a few screenshots etc)
Hi krijo,
I know where you are in No Regret. It's Mission 8 Map 4 were you exit the elevator and have2 minutes to shot down the incoming special forces ship. In all my play throughs, I've only managed to defeat this mission a handful of times.
Did you get the answer already?
If not I can tell you to try the underdogs site or Google for the hints/ walkthrough.

Good Luck,
Doc Payne