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Hey everyone, back in the day I got Crusader No Regret in a bundle with one of the Wing Commander games. Fell in love with both series, and was excited to the point of doing little dances when they showed up on GOG. I got the Wing Commander Series first and began playing Privateer 2 One of the few WC games I had not played before. I was quite shocked to find that the FMV's in the game looked positively terrible. To the point of rendering the game unplayable, due to interlacing.

As a video professional myself. I had just offhandedly assumed that the talented folks at GOG would have deinterlaced the videos within any game heavily reliant on FMV's as part and parcel of making them compatible with modern operating systems, since interlaced capable CRT's have pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur and progressive displays are now the norm for virtually all computer systems.

To find this not the case and to see that people are having to rely on third party fan made patches to resolve such a basic video issue is extremely disappointing and a disservice to these great games. but enough ranting. My question is this:

Does the Crusader series which as I recall was heavily reliant on FMV's as well...suffer from the same interlaced video issues as the Wing Commander games? I was going to purchase it soon..but if the video quality is such that 50 to 60 percent of it is..huge black lines...then I might hold off until a solution is forthcoming....if ever.
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Yes, the Crusader games have interlaced videos. I'm adding some non-interlaced videos to my Crusader site, but I don't believe they'll be viewable in the game.