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Is there a way to crouch and move while crouched? (not rolling) Thanks
Now that you mention it, I don't remember being able to do that. Myself, I do a ton of crouch-and-roll, using the stand-and-shuffle beforehand to get myself oriented properly.
Of course not, he's in a big suit of armour. Can you imagine how girly he'll look edging along trying not to trip over?

Nope, roll like a crusader and kill them all.
Go crouch, hold alt, I think.
I don't think you can roll forward either, correct?

I'm betting rolling around in a suit of armor is a bigger pain in the ass to the wearer than crouch-moving in it. Imagine that's loud as hell rolling around like that, too. I wish I had some armor so I could test that out.
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Rolling forward was added in No Regret.