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Crusader Kings II has a Linux version on Steam.

Where is the Linux version on GOG? Will it be added later? Other Paradox Interactive Grand Strategy games Europa Universalis IV, Imperator Rome, and Stellaris all have a Mac and Linux version on both GOG and Steam. Why isn't that also the case with the Grand Strategy Crusader Kings II on GOG?
It's bizarre that a Linux version is missing from GOG where Steam has it. Noticed it just in time before spending any money, thankfully.
Expansion - Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam

has a gnu/linux version on gog so maybe you need to buy it before you can play it on linux or it is available on linux but it is not declared on the page.
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According to GOGDB, neither the game nor any of its expansions contain a Linux version:

It is true that it appears indicated in some dlcs, but it seems an error. Of course, GOG's handling of Linux versions leaves a lot to be desired.
Adrlopgal: According to GOGDB, neither the game nor any of its expansions contain a Linux version:
Yes, only a Windows backup installer is provided for the game.
I opened a ticket and GOG really wasn't helpful at all in its response. They don't seem capable or willing to provide the Mac and Linux versions of the game on GOG. The chance of the Mac and Linux version ever appearing on GOG looks to be slim.

Me: "Why is Crusader Kings II missing Mac and Linux versions on GOG?"

GOG: "Hello,

I'm afraid that the MacOS / Linux version is, unfortunately, not available for the game Crusader Kings II. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

If there is anything else we could perhaps assist with, please let us know."
Also awaiting the Linux version to arrive here before purchase.