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Anybony has this problem?

Apparently the game is so old that originally it wasn't installed in the hard drive, it was a "booter". Maybe it is the origin of the problem or the specific dosbox configuration for this game

When saved in game, no error found, the save game apparently is accepted but when trying to load it, it ends up in a black screen.

Any help?

Ok. Good and bad news.

I run the game directly from my personal Dosbox, not using the gog exe and saved the game.

Afterwards I launched the GOG exe and the save is loaded correctly.

Something is wrong in the GOG Dosbox configuration. (Not mentioning that In fact it is unnecesarily complex and bloated) and it does not work.

The workaround is run the game externally with your local dosbox once, this is, ignoring the GOG version config, afterwards strangely you are able to run the GOG version and load and save correctly. Weird, indeed.
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