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Hi guys, i hope we get the released patches/ hotfixes for the steam version here as well!
It looks that for now we are a bit behind with the Hotfixes :(

Here it is what has been published in Steam to the moment

Version 1.0.0-1:
We downgraded NW.js (the "engine" of CrossCode) again by default.
We were forced to do this since too many player experienced game-crashing issues with the new NW.js version.

Version 1.0.0-2:
You can enter the Grabby Cave again
Fixes issue where you could't get credits anymore
Tucos pathfinding issue fixed (hopefully)

Version 1.0.0-3:
Fixing a WORSE Credits bug
You now can't teleport anymore after select to "continue the story"

Version 1.0.0-4:
Fixed crash in last tab of Statistics menu
Fixed crashes for certain boss fights.

Version 1.0.0-5:
Fixed crash issues for the last few boss fights

Version 1.0.0-6:
No crash when using lvl2 cold throw arts at element shield orbs
Lots of smaller fixes
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Seems that some of those quick fixes can actually make the game less performant and the developer himself suggests to switch to the dev branch on Steam if the hotfixes make it worse.

Sounds like something that wouldn't be possible easily on GoG.

So unless you run into a crash yourself, I probably wouldn't even recommend updating.
RyaReisender: So unless you run into a crash yourself, I probably wouldn't even recommend updating.
Agree, if you can wait I think it's better idea to wait for a full patch (what I'm doing right now).
New update is available for galaxy users (1.0.0-7)

You can check the details in the changelog thead