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Does anyone know if the ninja skin that appears on steam is going to come on GOG?
Until recently the skin was only available only to those who helped to fund the game.
Just in the last few days everyone on steam is able to buy the skin so I hope that we will be able to buy the skin once the next update will come
I hope we get it soon. It looks awesome.
Thanks for the answers!
Someone asked in their lattest blog when of if the skin will be available on GOG. The answer was that there are currently no plans to so.

In those cases I really wish that there was the opposite of GOG-Connect where, if you own a game on GOG you would be able to unlock the game on your Steam-Account as well
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Man, this is crap. The ninja skin looks really neat.
Sigh... kinda annoying this sort of thing happening again for picking the GOG version.

From his response, seems like they will release the post game DLC in both stores at the same time, I guess, so hopefully they will come around to add the skin to the GOG store as well when that happens.
The Ninja Skin is here.
Laurales: The Ninja Skin is here.
Not for the Linux version. There's still no DLC installer for it as of yet.
Now, there is a Linux installer.
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