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Before the information about the update, CrossCode, and its soundtrack are on sale (25 %) until the 21 of January, more information here

Now about that update, it looks like there it’s planned for this month.

It will have the top 20 submissions for the NPC contest, you can check all the winners and where their NPCs will be in the official website.

I suppose that it could have some bug fixes, but that we will only know once the changelog is published.
I hope it fixes the frame rate issues im having because this is ridiculous
Maybe these threads from the radical fish forums could help with the framerates (in case you didn't tried before)

They are a bit old but maybe it worth to look at them:

Framerate Issues in the game

Framerate drops starting on Bergen's road

Weird framerate issues

Maybe in the Crosscode steam forums bug section you will find more theards about that.
I personally didn't find any issue with the framerate in my playtime, so I can't provide any help.
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The update is now live on Steam so I suppose it will be released here during the day:

In the blog post there is also information about the future features coming to CrossCode.
Looking forward to it.
1.0.3 is now live via Galaxy. Offline installer soon to follow as usual, i bet
That was quick, the first hotfix (1.0.3-1) is up in galaxy, added the changes to the post in the changelog thread.

I imagine that more will follow.

Edit: All the installers are now for the 1.0.3-1 version.
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