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Changelog for Update V0.9.0-2 BETA / GOG-3 (Windows) / GOG-2 (Linux and Mac) (added 02 March 2017):

Grand Krys'kajo - The final temple of the Jungle
- With the Grand Krys'kajo we release the final temple of Gaia's Garden. Being the follow up dungeon after the So'najiz and Zir'vitar Temple it will combine puzzle mechanics from both dungeons and finish things off with an epic boss fight! Boss fight... are you thinking contest? That's right! Read more about it further below.

Level 2 Combat Arts
- The circuit made a pretty big leap with this update: all passive skill, as well as level 1 and level 2 Combat Arts have been fully implemented. That means the circuit is pretty much complete with the exception of level 3 combat arts. Since so many things changed, you'll get the option to reset your skill tree when you load your old save.

Also: we added a new Practice Arena in the Info Building of Rookie Harbor! You can practice all the Combat Arts to your heart's content without being limited by SP costs.

C'Tron - Now ready to join your Party
- C'Tron is now finally ready to join party! When you reach the current end of the story, C'Tron will send you a message, allowing you to invite him to your party via the Social Menu. This will also work with old save states. Note: C'Tron is currently only there for you to enjoy the gameplay with a 3rd party member - scenes and plenty of chit-chat will be added later.

But that's not all! Party Members are now much more capable in general, as they will start using elements and combat arts during battle - and are less likely to fall into water... a bit. You also now have more options for your party's behavior via the new and shiny strategy menu!

Lots of new Quests
- This update has Quests. Many Quests. 8 of them. You'll find them in Bergen Village, Maroon Valley, Ba'kii Kum, and Basin Keep. They come with many new boss fights, mini games, and other cool challenges! So make sure to keep an eye out for those flashing exclamation marks!

New Help Menu
- Remember when you used to look at a trading offer, trying to figure out what a certain modifier does? Help Menu to the rescue! With a simple button press you now can see on screen explanations for all kind of menu content, including stats, modifiers, and many other things. The new help menu is available in most menu views, including Trading, Shopping, Equipment, Inventory, and many more.

Other Stuff
This update packs a lot of smaller cool features that are also worth mentioning

- A improve display when Swapping Circuit Branches. You can actually see the skills you will exchange.
- A new SP bar that allows you to quickly see your current SP without moving your eyes away from the player
- Total Damage Number for each enemy to better estimate the amount of damage you deal - pretty much inspired by what PixelFerrets did in Secret of Grindea
- An improved stun system that solves a few frustrating counter-attack moments (looking at you, Apollo) and allows the player to escape a long chain of combos
- Changed order of menu buttons! The Quest Menu is now much easier to reach.
- New Buff stacking behavior: your number of concurrent buff now starts with 1 and can be extended with the appetite skill. Also: you can start a new buff at any time while buffs with overlapping stat improvement will cancel each other out.
- No more unlimited combat art charging. Sorry, but this was never intended to be a feature!
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New update is up (0.9.0-4).

Changelog (based on what they said in their website):

- All the broken tutorials should work correctly again
- The Bluerays in Grand Krys’kajo should not fall out of bounds anymore… hopefully
- No more crashes when using Shock Combat Arts on certain targets
- Physics won’t do strange things anymore around stairs for players with more than 60 fps
- Disabled “GPU Blacklisting” which might improve performance for some players
- Balanced Wowturbines to make the fight more doable
- Several menu fixes and improvements
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I appreciate the subtle changes too !
Some enemies now feature new sound effects, for instance the Rockin Hillkat now squeals when poping out from the ground :)
I started over to get a hang of the new skills in the tree, feels awesome! Abit sad to find Santa's is gone :p loved the little santa hat! But I believe it caused graphic glitches with some of the new moves.
Than devs, this is shaping as a great update!
You can actually activate the Christmas quest at any time by inputting "Holiday-Man" as a bonus code on the startup menu. I'm pretty sure the graphical glitches with the Santa hat were sorted out as of the last hotfix.
Wervyn: You can actually activate the Christmas quest at any time by inputting "Holiday-Man" as a bonus code on the startup menu. I'm pretty sure the graphical glitches with the Santa hat were sorted out as of the last hotfix.
Thank you so much!! :D
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There is a little update available (0.9.0-4A)

It's a compatibility update for Galaxy so there is no change for the game files.

More information here

If the link doesn't work here it is the quote from Thiev (GOG Team)
^ these were updated for compatibility with 1.2.7 client and proper recognition of overlay flag / status. Offline builds are unaffected. It's internal change only, nothing to do with game files.
The 0.9.2 update is expected for next week:
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The 0.9.2 is now available for Galaxy users.
There is no changelog for now on GOG but the highlights for this update are:

- Faster startup times
- Chinese localization added

You can read about it in this post on their website

Edit: The offline installer are now updated to 0.9.2
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Changelog for update V0.9.2 / (Windows) / (Mac) (added 12 June 2017):

- Added Chinese localisation
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CrossCode has been updated to version 0.9.5-4 (3 July 2017), only galaxy for now, offline installers are still for version 0.9.2

Edit (4 July 2017): Offline installers for Windows and Mac are now updated to the 0.9.5-4 version

There is no changelog for now on GOG but these are the highlights for the main update:

- More story
- Extended Autumn’s Fall
- Equipment Level
- More quests
- New control options
- New Music
- Miscellaneous stuff

For detailed information about the update check this post on the developer website

Some hotfixes have been released, the 0.9.5-1 ~ 0.90.5-3 weren't published in GoG but I list here what they fix, since I suppose that they are included in the current build.

Hotfix 0.9.5-3:

- Crashes when converting old saves to the new story
- Crashes when visiting certain maps in Bergen Trail
- Crashed when opening the synopsis/quest menu
- Crashes when doing certain things during the Master Sensei Quest
- Several Path-Finding hiccups

Additional issue resolved by 0.9.5-3

And here are some information about the 0.9.5-2 (Steam community links)
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Why there are no updates for Linux?
I don’t have an idea of why.
Unfortunately it seems that this is not uncommon with GoG releases :(
Maybe worth the shot to ask the developers on twitter if you have it (, for now I’ve asked about this in their forum.
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CrossCode has been updated to version 0.9.5-5 (11 July 2017), only galaxy for now, offline installers are still for version 0.9.5-4

There is no changelog for now on GOG but these are the highlights for this update based in the post on the official website:

Edit (12 July 2017): All offline installers are now updated to 0.9.5-5, including the Linux build.
Also the changelog is now updated in Galaxy and in the Library section in the web.

Bug fixes
- Weird AI problems with Apollo just standing around doing nothing.
- A certain boss was not supposed to be defeatable, but some of you still managed to defeat him, resulting in breaking the game. You monsters.
- A huge amount of spelling issues fixed, as we finally went through months worth of reports by the community! Thanks everyone for the great help!

New additions
- There is a new Bulletin Board accessible via the Quest Hub of each town, listing most available quests of the area!
- Item Consumables now show (more or less) individual graphics on consumption!
- Activating circuit skills now shows a fancy effect!
- We added a proper label + image for Chapter 6 which is after Faj’ro Temple.
- The German translation for the whole beginning of the Cargo ship has been improved! We’ll keep working on the German translation, trying to catch up with the English text and improving the quality along the way.
- Certain ricochet puzzles have been extended with ball-destroying entities, giving a clear hint on which path the balls are not supposed to fly.
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CrossCode has been updated to version 0.9.7-3 (15 October 2017), only galaxy for now, offline installers are still for version 0.9.5-5

There is no changelog for now on GOG but you can check all the information in this post on the official website:

New additions
- New Area: Sapphire Ridge with new enemies and lots of crazy jumping puzzles.
- Trophies.
- Several new Quests in Ba’kii Kum and Rookie Harbor.
- Updated Portrait Graphics for Captain Jet, Satoshi and lots of other NPCs

Other changes
- The info/nerd hub in Rookie Harbor has been overhauled.
- Sound improvements.
- Improved German Translation.
- The Pub in Rookie Harbor is now accessible.
- More map pins variants have been added for arrows. Also the padding between pins has been decreased.
- Various map adjustments to Autumn’s Rise.

Edit (18 October 2017): All offline installers are now updated to 0.9.7-4 and the official changelog is now available (look the next post by HypersomniacLive)
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Changelog for CrossCode 0.9.7 - The Last Area! (added 13 October 2017):

It's due time for another update! Today we finally release CrossCode Version 0.9.7 with a bunch of new content and features!

New Area: Sapphire Ridge
With Sapphire Ridge we now added the final outdoor area of CrossCode!
It's a medium sized area, comparable to Autumn's Fall, but stuffed with lots of caves and crazy environment puzzles!
You will also find a total of 4 new enemies, ready to be fought! Including new bugs. Be warned, Emilie.
Sapphire Ridge also includes the Cave Inn - it's not a full fledged town or village, but still a fairly large building.
Inside you'll find a lot of new offers for equipment and more!
Of course, Sapphire Ridge still isn't entirely finished. We still plan to tweak things and add more quests and NPCs to the area in future versions. But otherwise it's ready for exploration!

With this version we finally release Trophies, which are essentially achievements! You find a list of all the trophies within the Synopsis menu.
You get Trophies for reaching certain points in the game, defeating certain enemies, mastering certain feats and more! Currently there are a total of 171 trophies that can be collected... at least partly!
Note: Trophies are currently not connected to Achievements, but we plan to do so in the future (at least for some trophies). Once it's done, your trophies will automatically synchronize with achievements. So getting the Trophies now means you'll get the Achievement in the future!
Second Note: Some of the Trophies might still be buggy and might not correctly synchronize with old saves. Sometimes, doing certain things in the game might trigger an evaluation so you'll get the trophies at that point. Otherwise, you can report those issues and we'll see how we can fix it.

More Quests
As always, there are more quests! This time we have 3 new quests for you that you can find in Rookie Harbor and Ba'kii Kum. Each of them features unique gameplay mechanics or even boss fights! So make sure to check them out!
Here some impressions:
A very unique quest featuring a floating "ball" in Autumn's Fall!
Fighting Turrets. Again. This time on the ocean.
A boss fight featuring the most popular type of enemies: Sharksters.

Upgraded Portraits
With this version we finally got around upgrading a lot of the portraits from older versions, including Captain Jet, that Blue Avatar, and Satoshi:
Additionally, we improved all the dark shaded portraits of generic NPCs, adding more details and variations to more closely match the NPC:
We still plan to add more variations in the future.

More Stuff
This update features a couple more smaller changes:
- The info/nerd hub in Rookie Harbor has been overhauled and features new NPCs to explain all the things to you!
- Lots of sound improvements especially for enemies. Try fighting the Faj'ro Temple boss again!
- Improved German Translation extended - all main story dialogues until Temple Mine have been overhauled!
- You can finally enter the Pub in Rookie Harbor right next to the teleporter at the sea.
- You can now adjust some new graphic settings in the video options section. Those include toggling particle effects, weather and lighting.
- More map pins variants have been added for arrows. Also the padding between pins has been decreased.
- Various map adjustments to Autumn's Rise.

More Stuff... but HIDDEN!
Just in case you wonder why this update is relatively small: we've been working on a lot more content in the background. Content that's relevant to the final plot. Since we don't want to release any more story until version 1.0, the current update turned out rather small. The same will be true for the next update to version 0.9.9. However, in turn you can expect a huge update once we release the complete story. That way, you can enjoy the rest of the story in one go!
In other words: Sorry for the small update, but hopefully it will all pay off once we release version 1.0!
And that's all for this update! We hope you have fun with CrossCode version 0.9.7!
And now let the bug hunt commence!
You know... the one in Sapphire Ridge... and the one in the code. x_x
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CrossCode has been updated to version 0.9.8-2 (20 December 2017), offline installers are updated except for linux.

EDIT 22 December: Linux installer is now updated to 0.9.8-1

EDIT: The changelog is up!

Changelog for CrossCode 0.9.8 (20 December 2017) [win + mac - Linux will follow soon]

- Japanese and Korean translations added
- added all level 3 combat arts
- new quests
- several small quality-of-life improvements

Original post
While we wait for the changelog on GOG you can check all the changes in this post on the official website:

New additions
- All level 3 combat arts – that means the circuit is 100% completed
- A few new quests
- Complete Japanese and Korean localizations

Quality-of-life improvements
- A properly integrated a Circuit Reset option.
You can visit a terminal in Rookie Harbor that allows you to reset individual Circuit trees. However, resetting isn’t as cheap anymore: you’ll need to use a Circuit Override item that you will get on several occasions during the plot. We might also add a trading option later on.
- It’s possible to chain activate multiple nodes in the circuit tree
- Reworked quest-favorite system
- Trades you can’t make because you lack the resource or money are now grayed out.
- Changed the order of modifiers, they will be grouped more logically
- When hovering above and area on the world map, it will now show how many chests you can still find in that area.
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