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Where is the Linux version?

Hi tkonicz.
Currently there are no plans in releasing a Linux-version via GoG. So further on I can annot and will not make any promises on that.
But be aware that a Linux-version is available via Steam, which can be found here:


i'm not a linux zealot but if you refuse to provide existing linux version drm-free on gog, then i refuse to buy your game.
and no, i have no plans switching to steam, thanks...

btw, not to be rude but have you posted on steam forums something like "there're drm-free versions on gog, here are the links!"?
it feels kinda inappropriate, even if permited by forum rules...
Hi pyatak.
I am checking all boards frequently and for sure, if there are versions available only on a specific platform, I can at least give the players tips, where to find the version they are looking for.
So in this case, if a Linux-version is wanted and as there are currently no plans on getting them on, I recommended Steam, or where ever this version can be found, if there is any.
The other way round, there are players in the Steam community hub, looking for DRM-free games, I will recommend heading to ;)

It is not like trying to force players on other platforms, but giving tips, suggestions and recommendations, where they might find what they are actually looking for.


sure, i understand your wish/need to advertise your pruduct.
but it still feels inappropriate to me.
you send people to another distributor while the only obstacle to buy localy is you yourself...

so can you at least explain why there is "no plans in releasing a Linux-version via GoG"?
Another one here. This game in my wishlist, I wait only linux version on GOG. Why it is not here?
I have no plans to buy it on Steam.
What the hell, there is a Linux version, but there is no plans for it? Just shut up and get my money (or maybe you don't want really)?
It's crazy that a Linux version does exist, but (still) has not been released here at GOG.
No Linux, no money.
This is unfortunate.