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A Thief's Sport Challenge looks to have problems, one problem is getting Lobkowitz to a certain box that runs off cameras past 3 light barriers, the controls for these barriers are in a room that can only be entered by getting Lobkowitz to the same box past the same barriers, there is a need for a tool but the right tool is not present. There is one Sensor Destroyer for no reason, either you need 3 or some other fix for the first problem like one of those Tesla devices that does to a box what Lobkowitz does.

There is a shaft for Rocket to use a skill she does not have.

There is a Security Door key but the only 2 Security Doors do not need it since Bishop can do them easy.

Map has the same problem as seen in the Heist Visitor's Day, there is a room near where Lobkowitz and Rocket start with stairs. This room is only reached by a single door controlled by a switch inside the room, seems to be no purpose to this room at all.

Says there are 5 treasures but I only see 4.