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I have currently two pads plugged to my computer. One is DualShock 2 connected through an USB adapter and another is the official Xbox 360 controller. Since the adapter used with the DualShock 2 doesn't have drivers for Windows 7, I have to use generic driver, which doesn't have the required support for getting the force feedback with adapter. On the other hand, Xbox 360 controller uses the official drivers. When I was using Windows XP, I used DualShock 2+adapter to get vibrations through DirectInput and Xbox 360 controller to get them through XInput.

While Xbox 360 controller otherwise works without any issues in the World Ignition version of Crimzon Clover and while even the default button mappings are perfect with the sole exception of Start button, I don't get any vibrations. Is the game supposed to support XInput for vibrations or is this support limited to DirectInput?
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I found a solution for this.

I'm using a PS3 pad with the XInput wrapper, that makes it appear like an Xbox 360 pad to the pc, and I had the same problem: no vibration.

I found this little add-on that converts DirectInput vibration to XInput vibration. It works perfectly with Crimzon Clover!

Force feedback driver for XInput

Just get the version you need (Win 7 version works with Win 8), install it and it's done. No need to do anything else.
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Thank you for your advice. I have some older games, which support vibration solely through DirectInput and the software you linked to could be useful with those, too. Out of curiosity, does the actual XInput vibration still work with that add-on software installed or should it be uninstalled prior to playing game which uses XInput for vibration?
Seems like XInput vibration still works.

I just tested Burnout Paradise and the vibration works as before I installed the add-on, but I'm not sure if that game is compatible with DirectInput too. It may be using DI for vibration, but that seems unlikely since it's recognising the xbox 360 pad, so it should be using XI.

Do you have a list of games that work only with XInput? I may test one of those if I have any.
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Thank you for your offer. If I remember correctly, at least the first Bioshock doesn't even recognize non-XInput controllers. Also, at least Devil May Cry 4 and the demo version of Lost Planet work otherwise with DirectInput devices but require XInput for vibration, although I don't know if this requirement applies also to the later Capcom titles.

However, your experience with Burnout Paradise sounds promising and I really appreciate your efforts.
No problem, I was curious about the extent of what the add-on can do, too.

I just tried the demo of Lost Planet and can confirm that vibration works.
The developer of the add-on did a really good job! :)
Thank you for letting me know. Certainly seems to be a piece of software that I would recommend to my friends, as well! :)