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2.0.1 Change Log

- Co-op multiplayer! Start a mission, then go the the menu and select "MVerse Hosting".
-- Share resource pods, coordinate joint attacks, and fend off the creeper with friends.
-- Up to 4 players supported.
-- Supports both internet and LAN play (no port forwarding required for internet).

- You can now reposition your Rift Lab before the game is unpaused.

- Added "not" support per tag to colony filtering. Use "-Tag" to not include a tag in results.

- Added confirmation dialog when entering editor from play mode. Added option to disable.

- Dozens of bug fixes.

- New 4rpl scripting apis, including MVerse multiplayer APIs:
-- GetMVersePlayerNum
-- SendMVerseMsg
-- SetMVerseCreatesUnitGhost
-- SetMVerseSendCreeperChanges
-- GetUnitTrueGUID
-- GetMeshHealth
-- SetMeshHealth
-- GetUnitGrowsMesh
-- SetUnitGrowsMesh
-- GetCreeperWithDamangeMap
Thanks for the update and Changelog! :)

Been a big fan of the series since CW1, and esp Particle Fleet!!

It's like an RTS without the micromanagement - Perfect for me!