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Here's the change log for version 1.1.0

- Updated to Unity 2019.4

- Colonies remembers last selected map when returning to the Colonies screen.

- Sprayer collection field changed to help prevent AC overflow to Creeper.

- ERNs no longer move over creeper, they move through it.

- Eggs show yellow smoke when they are popped over shields and do not deposit all of their payload.

- MicroRifts can be placed on platforms.

- AC Bombers get a large speed increase when ERN'd.

- Terps get a speed increase when ERN'd.

- Greenar Refineris get a 2x efficiency boost when ERN'd.

- Game message sizing support for large, small and very wide displays.

- Added support for full screen exclusive mode. The default is still windowed full screen.

- Allow binding key controls for different simulatneous actions (you can set the same key to 2 different things).

- Allow the use of additional mouse buttons in the controls settings.

- Shields show a range before they are built and when being moved.

- Added an option to turn off "Auto Cam". When deselected, the pitch of the camera no longer changes when changing altitude. It is set by rotating the camera, which allows right/left/up/down when auto cam is turned off.

- Added global sound mute button on the main menu. Same setting as found in the game near the top right.

- Various Mission fixes and small updates

- Numerous bug fixes