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im new to this site, but a long time lover of the creatures games,
only my new pc running windows 7 dose not feel the same way,
i have hte original game discs from way back in the day,
this pc wont even let me load up C1 saying that "this game only runs in win 95!" (and i cant bypass it -_-) C2 has installed but it crashes and gives me an error that i cant fix, its the same error i got when putting the game on my old pc (XP) and i was able to fix said error on the XP, but i cant fix the error on the win7,
so thats the long of it, the short of it is in the tittle, wil creatures the alibian years work with windows 7 home premium?
thank you all for your time anyways i just thourght i'd ask before i buy
Yeah, they both seem to run fine (on W7 Pro 32bit at least). If I remember correctly, I didn't need to use compatibility mode or change the colour settings (like Creatures 3/Docking Station requires).
If I remember correctly, vanilla Creatures 1 should work in Windows 7 if you throw it into compatibility mode - you may need to do this for the installer too, and any other applications like the splash screen. I never owned vanilla Creatures 2, but I had no trouble with the GoG edition.
ok thank you, i was just unsure if it would work as so far ive only been able to find info about C3/DS in regards to win7,
thank you once again for the info, ill give the games a go now ^_^
Let us know how it goes.
It's worth noting that the GoG version of Creatures 1 is a little different to vanilla C1. It's patched to the latest version and has had some modifications to make it multi-user friendly. As such, all the world and creature information is stored in a user's My Documents, thus allowing multiple users to run their own worlds. Also, the Emergency Kit no longer resets the world or replenishes eggs. For more information on that, see this thread.
omg it took me 4hrs to download (stupid capped internet slower than dialup)
i just did a quick run of both games they seam to work fine! yay! im happy now, been hacing creatures withdrawls since i got this pc lol.
im just testing out some patches so i can use my previously downloaded adons (COBs and breeds) as the stright from the site downloaded game wont allow the use of add ons (says that all the files are wright protected and wont allow them to be moved.)
but yes as is without hte add ons the games work just fine ^_^ thaks for you hellp everybody and i hope my questing was able to help other windows 7 users to decide too
the patch from ambercreatures didnt hellp,
any one got any ideas how i can get the add on files to work?
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I'm afraid I don't know anything about the C1 add-ons. Try your luck in the other thread. :)
I possess the original Creatures 1 disc only. How can I get it to work on Windows 7? I can only use compatibility mode on already installed programs, and I can't even install Creatures 1 because it insists it can only run on Windows 95. I do not want to buy the game except as a LAST RESORT. Please, could somebody help? I have not played it in YEARS.
I would highly recommend purchasing Creatures: The Albian Years, since it includes both Creatures 1 and 2 for a very reasonable price. A disc also is not required, and the fact that installation is so easy is a huge plus! With that said, I run C1 off of the original disc, which I managed to install to a Windows Vista laptop earlier this year. The following topic was partially helpful, but there were many additional steps involved that I failed to write down.

How to Run C1 on Vista

I would recommend trying some of the steps within that topic, although I know for a fact that they didn't work for me. It's a helpful start, though, and I hope you can get back into playing Creatures 1 again soon!