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Are there any extra patches, fan patches, necessary asset packs etc to grab? Most of the links in the top post in this board are dead and the language used is very ambiguous.

Again, which patches are included with the GOG release, and which aren't?
http: //www. gamewaredevelopment. com/downloads/

For example this link here. It has some patches and some files. WITHOUT ANY DESCRIPTIONS. which files are included in the GoG release.

Which files fix bugs, which ones add content. which files are compatible with eachother.

and for files that aren't a simple extraction (.rar or .exe) where is the description for installation?
The release of Creatures Exodus includes all of the major updates/patches for the game. I believe these are the only official add-ons. Everything else needs to be downloaded manually. I made a list of recommendations , and you might also check out the list [url=]here.

As for the Gameware Development downloads, the link you listed shows them all. In order to view the descriptions, you used to be able to go to the Creature Labs section of the site. Unfortunately, their site has been in disarray for years, and now it looks like the pages with descriptions are no longer working. You could try the Creatures Wiki, which might be able to describe some of the downloads. However, I know that some have more cryptic names than others. I'm happy to try to help you out with some specific ones, though!

As for the file name extensions, you might notice ones that end in .agent or .agents. This is most typical of the egg agents, which also come in .exe format. The latter (.exe) is recommended for most systems, while the .agent method is recommended for Linux systems (which I'm not even sure applies here). All the same, if you do see a .agent/.agents download, save this in a folder that should be located somewhere along the lines of Creatures Exodus\Docking Station\My Agents. Just remember to get the remastered patch first, or any add-ons will not install correctly.

Hopefully this is of some help to you! Best of luck!
When I look at the files on my computer, I don't see any folder labeled "Agents" where the other Creatures Exodus folders are. What should I do? (I have obtained the remastered patch already and now I'm just trying to add in the old norn breeds I bought many years ago).