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Was thinking how some people host multiplayer games like Call of Duty and things like that. I thought to myself "What if someone out there (who knew some things about games and servers) actually made a fan-made patch to a server to enable Docking Station Online services again?" Odds are, it's impossible, or almost impossible, but a guy can dream right? I remember playing Exodus when the servers where up years ago, I enjoyed receiving Norns, and sending back the Norns carrying bacteria and Generation 2000+ fast aging Norns.

Anyone out there knowledgeable enough to grasp just how difficult a task like this would be? Mostly, I just wish we could get a new Creatures game, with online servers if possible. I'm hoping that SOMEHOW, this series doesn't go the way of the dinosaurs.
I hear you..

Fond memories of norns teleporting to my world, have extended feral or wolfling runs, then send off their decendents off to the community..

I would love to see a community of fans create a set of servers & make a patch for C3/DS to access the servers.

In late 2013, Disney Interactive shut down Disney's ToonTown Online.
Some fans of the MMORPG got together & figured out how to make their own servers & eventually ToonTown Rewritten was born. Luckily Disney said that if they didn't charge for it, they would be OK with it.

I don't see the Creatures Fanbase being that large for someone to spearhead the same effort.

We can email exported norns, but that goes against the one existance at a time factor.
Just duplicates of the same norn, doomed to relive the same existance over & over, each time they're downloaded & imported.

I would like to see a mid to high level game developer fall head over heals in love with the series, and take it to the next level..

Could you imagine norns in a minecraft setting? Train your norns, & build them homes..

Just don't be a dick like Cyberlife, Creature Labs and Gameware Development, by nickle & diming us to death with expensive breed kits, genetic kits, & expansions.
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Someone once actually worked on one but that was years ago. I would love it too, but it doesnt seem to be the case that anyone would pick up the work.