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Alright, I have no idea how this game was cleared for sale. I have had absolutely nothing but issues trying to get this damn game to run.

Alright first of all, download this patch, made by "eriedlinger" who is owed most of the credit for this. Extract all the contents of the release zip into the creatures 2 folder. It should override some files, thats fine.

EDIT: GOG will not let me post links. Just search "eriedlinger dxwrapper". (this is ironic since I'm also giving you a registry editing file further down but whatever)

Looks like one of the issues is that there is a key called "Loading Flags" in the registry. For some reason, when this is set to 0, the game always crashes for me. I made a quick thing to fix this. I made a reg file called "fix.reg", here are the contents of that:

"Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Gameware Development\Creatures 2\1.0]
"Loading Flags"=dword:00000001"

Save that as fix.reg in the creatures 2 folder. Then I made a .bat file that would run that registry file, make that change, then load the launcher. Here is the .bat file for that (just call it "run.bat")


Just run that .bat file anytime you go to play the game. You can make a shortcut if you want as well.

It should now work. I cannot believe this game is being sold with the amount of problems it has. Even creatures 1 runs better than this. Also I have not tested this with any mods, so best of luck if you need to install the ones that make the game actually playable (here's to the braindead norm syndrome)
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Well, MrDave; Creatures 2 was infamously hard to run even back when it was new. It was very CAOS.

Though the method you listed is indeed an ACK from the Creatures Wiki.
Ge the Remastered patch while you're at it:

Here's the guide:
On the basics of installing the game. Because Windows is retarded.
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