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Hi everyone ! i am new on this forum, It's my first time playing creatures, and since i started experiencing with the game, i've had quite a lot of issues...

I first lost my two first norn by trying to alter the files (like an idiot) to restart the game because i realised how badly i started educating my norn (not teaching them word while infants, etc... they were incontrollable...) anndd.... the game crashes and i had to reinstall it... but i had lost two eggs.

I tried to uninstall everything and reinstall multiple times, at some point i managed to have all my eggs back, but i really don't know what happened because i can't do it again it seems...

At this point, to tryto makethe health kit work i runed the gamein administrator mode..butmy gamecrashed again, i lost my newborn right away and its egg wasn't in the incubator neither.

Last attempt, i tried hatching a new egg because i wasn't able to reset the world aaaand... IT DIED. Newborn death, right away.

So, being able to reset would really soothe me because i never played creatures and i might need other eggs if i am not experimented enough or have such other accidents :/

thanks for your precious help !

EDIT : I managed to solve my problem by doing the steps you guys indicated PLUS : reinstalling the game after these steps. thanks again !
Post edited May 30, 2016 by Moribrunk