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So it seems that a number of people, myself included, are unable to obtain their passwords. Without your account password, you can not access the Docking Station portion of the game and by extension the online functions.

Fortunately, the Creatures 1 to Docking Station add-on contains a login disabler that allows you to set a newly minted world to offline. This will let you play the game but you will still be locked out of the online functionality.

Get it here:

If you do end up getting your hands on your account password you'll need to make a new world if you want to get online; it doesn't seem like you can convert an offline world. Just export your creatures and import them into your new warp-enabled one.

Edit: Pictured here, for those who are dubious.
(This fix has been mentioned in other threads, but there are still people who aren't aware of it, so here it is again.)
Post edited May 28, 2011 by Arkire