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So creatures is on sale this weekend, and having recently purchased the mac version for myself on another site I thought I would share my login file for Docking Station. Docking Station comes with Creatures Exodus and is a pretty radical game. But if you can't get around the server login, then you can't enjoy it. And since the DS server has been down for couple of years, you need to bypass this.

The original offline agent for DS is pretty hard to find, so I did it manually. Find a file called zzz_gamestart_login.cos in the Bootstrap folder in your docking station folder. Replace it with the downloaded one provided. Don't worry about backing the original up, as this only changes the login process and works flawlessly.

You can download the modified zzz_gamestart_login.cos file here:

Thanks for sharing! The Docking Station server was actually up for a time some months ago, and has not been down indefinitely for a few years. It's definitely not online very much anymore, yet it seems to come to life every now and then! There is the popular offline option available at Creatures Docking Station. C1toDS also includes an offline option. But it's always good to have multiple places to download this, as Docking Station won't function otherwise. Thanks again!
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