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Part A. Game Installation

1. Download the Creatures Exodus Installer (setup_creatures3_2.1.0.12) from

(It is important that you do not use the new GOG Galaxy client to install Creatures Exodus.
It is still in beta and is only able to change the installation path but not the installation directory name)

2. Rightclick the setup_creatures3_2.1.0.12.exe and select "Run as Administrator"
At the resulting confirmation window click ok to confirm.

3. Now you see the Creatures Exodus Setup Window, and in the lower left corner click the button named

4. At "Install game to:" click on the Browse Button next to the Installation Path.
Navigate the folder structure to your folder called "Documents"

5. In the install game to: Window it will then say:
C:>"Your Username here">Documents>Creatures Exodus

6. Left-Click in the Install Path window again then delete only the word Exodus.
The install game window should now say
C:>Users>"Your Username here">Documents>Creatures

7. Now you are ready to install.
Click the box next to "Yes I have read and accept the Eula" and then click the "install" button.

8. Wait until installer is done. Click the exit button in the lower left corner.

9. To test if your game is installed correctly, navigate to your "Documents folder"
open the Creatures folder you just installed
It should look like in the picture below.

10. Navigate to the Creatures 3 Folder and find "engine.exe"
Rightclick and open properties, select the compatability tab and put a checkmark in "run as administrator".

11. Navigate to the Docking Station Folder and find "engine.exe" and repeat procedure in step 10.

Part B Add support for older addon installers, agents and breeds

1. Download Creatures Remastered Patch from here .

Extract the Remaster and then execute Remaster Patch.exe as administrator.
Press "n" and "enter" let the patch finish and close the patch window.

Part C Change the DockingStation to have offline capabilities

Download DS Offline Option here
Place the file offlinelogin.c16 into
C:>Users>Your Username here>Documents>Creatures>Docking Station>Images
Place the file zzz_gamestart_login.cos into
C:>Users>Your Username here>Documents>Creatures>Docking Station>Bootstrap>010 Docking Station
and allow it to overwrite existing file.

Part D Test your installation

1. Test Creatures 3
Launch Creatures 3 and create a world to play test. Close it again.

2. Test Docking Stationn
In order to verify that your game has been installed correctly and that agents will be able to extract
their catalogue-files properly download Catalogue Tester from here
Place Catalogue Test.agents into
C:>Users>Your Username here>Documents>Creatures>Docking Station>My Agents
Launch Dockingstation through your startmenu and create a new world.
Inject Catalogue Tester and wait for the message to appear
If it says "Catalogue files extracting properly" then everything is working as intended.
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