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On the game i have acquired the power-up that lets you pick up creatures, but no matter where i clock or with what button i can't pick-up my norns or any other creatures for that matter. I'm running windows seven and the game runs fine otherwise i just can't pick up my critters :.:
If you have definitely got that power-up, holding shift and right-clicking a Norn should pick it up. If I remember correctly, you need separate power-ups to pick up Grendels and Ettins.
oh thats how it works? cool thanks for the help
Onislayer64: oh thats how it works? cool thanks for the help

Yep. For the record, it also works in Docking Station, whether docked or undocked, without the need for power-ups.
To pick up Norns in C2 you'll need to use an COB (Creatures Object, known as Agents in Creatures 3 and Docking Station) -
PickMeUp COB:
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