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Cant believe i found this game!! I used to have number 1 and 3 but for some strange reason we never had number 2 in New Zealand (correct me if im mistaken.) Also can some one explain what the health kit add ons actually are?
Do you mean Life Kits? The Health kit is an applet that comes with C1 and C2 as an applet, used to check things like the needs the creature is feeling at the time.

The Life Kits and Object Packs were official addons released for both C1 and C2 that included new breeds and objects. While you originally had to purchase the Life Kits, all of them are now free to download. But you don't have to worry, because Creatures: Albian Years already includes all of the official Life Kits and Object Packs (except the C2 Christmas Pack). And if you download the Creatures Remastered Patch, you can effortlessly add hundreds of other COBs and breeds created by "cobblers" and geneticists in the Creatures community.

You can download the Creatures Remastered Patch here.

And you can find a list of what is included in the Life Kits and the Object Packs [url=]here.