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Just re-installled this game and installed the abondoned mines dlc. Noticed that the goblins are there but invisible. I just noticed my dwarves fighting , The goblin king and camp are visible but reagular goblins are not.
I just had this problem too, it seemed that the goblins were Christmas themed, perhaps the Christmas stuff bugged the goblins?
I encountered the same problem.
First I thought it could be a game issue loading the wrong textures (as esa1god already mentioned), so I restarted the game. The problem still consists. I tried a check-up of the installation via GOG. It's still the same thing. No visible goblins!

Another question...
Does this Christmas theme problem only affects the goblins' textures or are other textures missing, too?

Is there a possibility to remove the Christmas Update? Otherwise, we have to wait til next update.
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I had this very same problem.