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Hey guys,

Tuesday has brought us another patch for COVID: The Outbreak, so we hope this one will fix some of the issues you have encountered during your playthroughs:

Patch Notes 1.05
- keys [ and ] will now enable you to change the game's speed
- pressing r,f,v will center the view on a particular unit
- improved project status visibility:
blue - available
green - implemented
blue-green blinking - in progress
red - locked
- fixed bug where resources were loaded on the 5th day
- small hotkeys fixes
- fixed some small minor bugs (including visual ones)
- fixed bug where if the event text was long and had a scroll, the scroll wasn't on the very top
- fixed the missing Polish subtitle in the intro video
- fixed bug where the scroll didn't work in the save window
- fixed some resolution bugs during credits
- pressing the C key will now also change the map mode on the right side to the Panic mode
- changing the map mode via a hot key will now avoid turning on/off units

There you go! Another day makes our game that much better! Thank you for your continuous support!

Until next time guys!
Post edited June 02, 2020 by Jujubee_SA