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Winning Strategy used as of Patch 1.09.

1. Early game build a Biolab (Science +100%), Medical Lab (Medical Supply +100%), and HQ in China. China contributes the most resources and these 3 building heavily amplify them. Use Epidemic Resolution followed by Global Panemic Resolution to decrease the infection rate and drive up the Panic meter to yellow.(Then go to the Global Health Organization) Icon on lower left to set your income as high as you can.(Top left in new window, Move slider to the right) These 2 resolutions will cut down the infection rate by 30%
2. Early on focus on building Standard Treatment Centers (Infection Rate -15%, Cure +15%, Medical Supply -25%). Try to cover as many countries as you can with each building. Cover most of the countries with these buldings. By mid game you will notice the infections and cured start to be more even.
3. Middle game, Add another Biolab and Science lab. You will need to also build ONE Diplomacy Center for Diplomats to reduce the fear or else Anarchy will be out of control. Micromanage the diplomates.
4. Star researching "Preliminary Disease Research", then Testing Facility, then Vaccine Research Implementation. Then research "Pathogen Extraction", "Attenuated Antigen", Toxoid Antigen, and Purified Antigen. Once that is done,start testing the vaccine. Build Vaccine Testing Centers if needed to keep Panic below 80%
5. Late Game- Anarchy is building now, so you need to research "Exceptional Measures", Security Staff Procedures(Unlock Security Building), and Pre-emptive Measres, and Stabilization Procedures (Stops Anarchy) Build ONE Security building to get 2 or 3 security to stop the archy.
6. Once you get a good vaccine at least 50% (I went for 100%), you want to get "Mandatory Vaccination Resolution to finish the game.

NOTE: Closing Lang/Air/Sea is worthless and overpriced. The only control strategy I use is Limit Public Gatherings, and rarely Close Schools. Mainly do this for super cheap $500 countries or your CORE countries (USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, and China) The core countries will supply you with most of your stuff. You want to vaccinate them first if you can. You should have a ton of Science in the end, so you can sell some if you need cash fast. Medical supplies is for Mass Vaccination, but in the end you need to the network of Standard Treatment Centers and "Mandatory Vaccination Resolution" if you want any chance of winning.