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Ok, how about we start a serious thread on the game. I'll parrot my last post but add that options like: Do nothing or an auto setting to do nothing might be ok. I've only started the game but it seems interesting.

Purchased. I also bought the music ost which isn't all that spectacular but isn't annoying either. For trial run I am not going to do anything. Let's see how this virus spreads and who survives. I think its interesting as a simulator. General indicators for cities is
Country Flag
Alive population
Fear level
GHO inflUence

Floating above that in a bubble is
Skull (representing deaths)

I wish the time counter showed hours:minutes:seconds as well as date.

At the moment i see: 2019/11/07.

I hope i can let this idle and play out.

Across the top you see:
Total human population
Total infected
Total deaths
Total immune
Cash on hand
Medical supplies on hand
Science points
Vaccine Level
Virus level

Pause, play, fast forward


Game Setting

Smack center bottom is a PANIC METER.

Bottom right is your global hud view center.
By default you are looking at Infection Spread view. It goes as follows:
1. Infection Spread view
2. Fear level View
3. Ongoing GHO Solutions
4. Global open transport connections
5. Transport Connections View
6. Air transport connections view
7. Sea transport connections view
8. Land transport connections view
9. Money contribution view
10. Medical supplies contribution view
11. Science points contribution view
12. Population view
13. Deaths view
14. Virus immune population view
15. Buildings operation range view
16. Units view
Clicking that global hud again close it.

Bottom left hud:
1. Global health organization
2. Country info
3. Buildings
4. Research and Regulations
5. Decrees
6. Vaccine research lab
7. Simulation charts.

Yhe crnter of the screen has various ! Information and a ? To suggest options to take. Below that are the various options. Since i'm not ACTIVELY playing and letting the virus run its course we'll see what would happen. I do wish options like Do Nothing was available atm as i'm trying to look at functions. A religious church if blue triangle ! Came up and i have options like:
Let them pray the virus away
Focus on quadantinjng the whole congregation and their families
Close the church, arrest the leader, and accuse him of attempted murder
Ban all religions in the country.
I guess i'll choose let them pray as thats akin to doing nothing. Perhaps all top choices are similar since it takes me a little time going through these buttons and typing this partial review.

Simulation charts how future prognosis per country. You can set parameters for each.
Vaccine research has a lor of goodness including vaccine tests, antigens, and caccine elements. You can evaluate a vaccine and produce vaccines.

You have global resolutions at the start. It seems you can do different things but they cost $$, medical supplies, and science points. Heres a list of resolutions atm:

Global Pandemic
Food rationing
Animal control
Mandatory vaccinations
Information campaign
Border closure
Martial law
I'm sure these go into further detail and consequences.

At the start you csn opt to go through the turorial. The informative video at the beginning can be skipped. People can give this game their opinions without trying but i think you could be missing out if you love management games and simulations. I give it a double thumbs up and will post this in the reviews. I like what i see and will let tou know later if i have issues.

Hi there,

Just wanted to say thank you for supporting us and for creating this thread.

Enjoy the game! :)
Antarctica isn't represented on the map. I guess i could say neither is the international space station. I'm uncertain of any underwater installations as cities . I didn't notice mych on the transport connections view, air transport connections view, sea transport connections view, land transport connections view. Global worked and showed stats but those individual ones registered nothing. It could be a bug and needs patching.

I don't kniw if plans for military vessels at sea or transport of cruiselines and such were going to be registered along with them being routed to other countries. It'd be cool to track movements.

Again, at tines i'm left with decisions and no option to say Ignore, Do nothing, take No stance. I did run into options i couldnt use because i didnt build xyz for the action. Thats expected. I haven't spent any money in research nor decreed anything.

Currently its: 2021/06/01
Total pop: 7, 274, 681, 032
Infected: 653, 681, 500
Dead: 304, 654, 144
Immune: 36, 983, 940
Vaccine lvl: 0%
Virus lvl: 6

Is there input for deaths?
Age of population (break downs would be great)

Can you actually get 0 deaths and win?

I'll find out if population can go to 0.

No information for off the grid isolationists or self sustaining vault dwellers for mega rich.

Buildings operations view didn't show anything on the main map either. I'll run the tutorial again.
Load and save takes a while. Must be a lot of data.
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