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after starting Cossacks:Art of War, i noticed two things which i assumed would have been handled in a sticky of some sort, but which i don't seem to be able to find a solution to. I am running the game in Win10.

Firstly: The game is apparently running way too fast. Everything moves pretty quickly, battles are over before i even see what is going on. Is there a good way of handling this?

And secondly: While the game does support large resolutions, the UI gets progressively smaller. I know that i could set the game to a smaller resolution to fix this, but is there any way to simply scale up the UI so i can actually read the numbers while also enjoying my modern resolution?

Thanks for any advice!
The speed slider (and the slow setting, which I only suggest for use as a tutorial aid) works fine in single player games.

Some help here:

I see they also mention the slider.

Sorry I do not know how to fix the UI as I cannot afford a large monitor with a PC capable of driving it. Hopefully there is some way.
Post edited December 22, 2022 by Themken