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Hi everyone,

does someone knows if we can expect another languages for Cossacks 2 and BFE ? I own both original games disks at home and I used to play it in French my native language some years ago. I don't know why it isn't disponible for the moment, both texts and languages are in French on my CDs and I guess it is the same for other countries...yet I can only choose between English and Polish (I guess it's Polish).

Sometimes on GOG new languages appears with time, it was the case with one of my games calles "Revenant" with was only in English at first and other languages were added later.

Eventually if noone knows about that can someone tell me if it could be possible for me to copy some files from my Disk to change language directly ? I don't know how to do that by myself unfortunately neither if it will be compatible with GOG version :-/

Any ideas ? Thank you in advance for your answers.