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Be warned that while Cossacks looks like a neat strategy game to spend a few boring calm nights on vacation with on netbook, it's not. The base game lets you launch the game and even set resolution to 1024x600, but still acts like a 1024x800 game - you have to scroll. And the expansion packs won't even let you into the game if your Y parameter is smaller than 800

I couldn't even get the base game to start, it crashed after the intro. Basically, while you can change the in game rezolution, the main menu is stuck at 1024x768.

However it works flawlessly if you connect a monitor to your netbook. It works great on my Asus EEE PC with Windows Starter (32 bit). The mouse is a bit jumpy in the menu but in game it runs great.
On my Samsung N220 I have an app called "Easy resolution manager" which let me change the resolution to 1024x768 and back to 1024x600 very easily.

Cossacks works well with this.

Here it is: