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Geri123: The low fps problem excists in the Steam version of Battle for Europe, too.

I remember that I had a lot of problems with the retail version, but not this one. So I tried overwriting some of the game files with files from the retail version, and the problem seems to be solved.

I have uploaded them:
Maybe you can solve this problem with this method, too.
This saved me. If you see this, thank you so much.
I have the same problem

Windows 10 x64

Intel i5-8250U
Nvidia MX150

Game running in 5-10 FPS
I tried patches and other things mentioned in this thread but without success.

can anyone help me?
Anyway why is it called anthology on gog when i have the gold version on dvd which also contains the battle for europe add-on and if there are any differences between cossacks 2 gold and cossacks 2 anthology?
There is no differences between anthology and gold. Maybe addons like sounds, wallpapers itp
It's important to have latest patch ;)
I also experience 8 fps on my Windows 10 machine, Intel I5-4770S cpu. Tried copying the files mentioned above and setting the log.txt to read only. Doesn't help.