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As the title says, the game freezes after starting a map. I can hear music, see the game map, and move the mouse but clicking the mouse or hitting keys does nothing. Already tried using ddraw wrappers and changing compatibility modes as suggested in other threads, but those didn't work.

Running Windows 10 64 bit with Intel Core i5 3570K and Nvidia GTX 670. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Edit: Disregard, a Windows 10 update fixed this problem. Seems that was the issue. If mods can do it, feel free to mark this as solved.
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Are you sure that the Win10 update is what solved the problem ? Because I have the very same problem, but I'm running on a Win7-64 computer. The game works fine to begin with, but after a few days, it does exactly what you described. The only thing that works is to launch the game after a computer restart, then it works for a few days and freezes again. So I'd say that what solved the problem for you is not the Win10 update but rather the fact that you had to restart it after updating.
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