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The game stops working when loading the map after making changes to the settings and clicking the apply button. This is because of an error that changes the resolution in the configuration file to 0x0. That's why I wrote a manual by which to edit the configuration file so that the game works properly.

The manual will also be useful for those who do not have a resolutions on list in game settings.

To change settings in game, go to "mode.dat" file in the game catalog and open it by Notepad or Notepad++.

There is a sequence of numbers that means:

Resolution_Width Resolution_Height Sound_Volume ZERO ZERO Music_Volume Game_Speed Scrolling_Speed Game_Mode Music_Type

[0; 100] - Volume in percent

[0; 100] - Volume in percent

[100; 0] - Game speed in percent = 100 - value

[2; 10] - Scrolling speed 0 and 1 are not allowed

0 - Slow Mode
1 - Fast Mode

0 - Do Not Play Music
1 - Play National Music Only
2 - Play Random Track

Default sequence:
1024 768 46 0 0 99 8 6 1 2

And meaning:
Resolution 1024x768
Sound volume 46%
Music volume 99%
Game speed 92%
Scrolling speed 6/10
Game mode Fast Mode
Music type Play Random Track

Example sequence for FHD Resolution and disabled game music:
1920 1080 46 0 0 99 8 6 1 0