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Hi, I'm trying to play a LAN game with my friend, who also has the GoG version of Cossacks Back to War.
Both my friend and I have tried hosting the game, but the other can't find it in their client. We've tried using both the TCP/IP LAN Connection and Direct TCP/IP options, to no avail.
We've only seen the game appear once, and even then, we couldn't connect.

Regarding the firewall, we've allowed Cossacks when we were prompted to, and also tried disabling the firewall, again, with no success.

Is there any way I could get this to work without another program like Game Ranger?

Edit: For Internet play, Game Ranger didn't work, we just got a black screen when trying to connect to the host. Using the Cosssack Server internet ini change worked.
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Yeah I have the same problems.
Same here.
For old games, playing LAN, make sure you're on the same wifi network (if playing wirelessly). E.g. If one of you are on a guest network and the other on the main network, it won't work.

If you still don't see each other, close the game and whitelist every Cossacks .exe you can find on your Windows Firewall. Sometimes you can miss them. Disabling your firewall may work, but I advise against it. Don't forget to turn it back on.

If none of those work just Google "playing cossacks back to war online". There's a guide on Steam.

Hope that helps
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