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As of v1.19 (15 August 2018):

Chapter 3
1. Talking to Lorne in Gehanna and offering to pay him 600 credits when you don't have any will have a response of the man from the Gehanna weapon store. Screenshot here.
2. Entering Nightshade at an angle will make you stuck once Sue leaves. Screenshot here.
3. Can't talk to Lauren's drummer directly. You have to talk to the man in the blue suit instead to activate the drummer's dialogue. Screenshot here.

Chapter 4
4. When you talk to the Robot NPC to upgrade your satchel item slot at the Astrea HQ's R&D lab, he says "Njoying your additional space, I hope?" the first time you accept. After that, the typo is fixed.

Chapter 6
5. As you're taking the elevator through the ship, Finn isn't inside the elevator from 1F (lower deck) to 2F (crew deck).

Chapter 7
6. Maybe even earlier, you can stack yourself on top of any NPC, go to menu, and hit [Insight], and then the first character of every NPC dialogue will be omitted. Screenshot here.
7. If you talk to the Tailorbot and reject buying the 9000 CR dress and find the voucher (lucky / unlucky coin NPC) and return to him with the voucher, the Tailorbot won't acknowledge the voucher. But Alyssa will show up later in a dress at the party.
8. Talking to Enzo's Robot bouncer to the Gala will ignore the first character. Screenshot here.

More to be added as I play through the game.

Chapter 11
9. When you enter the Rhomu Abandoned Lab (back in Chapter 2) again and examine the environments, Chahn and Dave will still reply.
10. When you do Sue's sidequest and break into the New Rhomu Zanzaran Mines Prison (from the town), there's an empty chest that was supposed to contain 20,000 CR. But if you wiggle your way south of the chest, you'll be stuck. So just save and reload and you'll be teleported out from that spot.

Chapter 12
11. There's a desk right before Psybe's sidequest boss in the Rhomu Abandoned Lab with tight spacing. If you go behind there, you'll be stuck. Simply save and reload to teleport out of that glitched spot.
12. After beating Psybe's sidequest boss (Primal Evil) in the Rhomu Abandoned Lab, the ghost with the red eyes will still appear.

And that's all! Small amounts of bugs, but nothing too gamebreaking.
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