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- installer: N/A:Select the Windows installer provided by GOG
arch: win64
exe: drive_c/GOG Games/Corsairs Gold/corsairs.exe
prefix: $GAMEDIR
- task:
arch: win64
args: /silent /nogui /suppressmsgboxes
executable: installer
name: wineexec
prefix: $GAMEDIR
Desktop: true
KNOWN BUGS with lutris-5.7-8-x86_64, Lutris and Ubuntu 18.04:
1. Music wouldn't play with my hardware for some reason;
2. Your game may freeze after loading the save file. You can stop game (without system reboot);
3. Sudden crashes, quite common. You can load from a save file and avoid most crashes, but you need to restart a game;
4. Practically freezes while boarding. This makes most boardings a sure death for your captain. But you can confirm victory with Enter key or you need to use mouse with surrender;
5. Completely wrong sound effects during boarding.
6. Dutch campaign, first mission. Buying a Cutter (in Antigua) is a 100% crash.
7. French campaign, first mission. Buying a Cutter can cause a 100% crash, but you don't have this bug right at the start (a save file with 100% crash for French)

Installation to "C:\Corsairs\" (drive_c/Corsairs/) doesn't reduce crashes not solve problem with music or boarding.
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