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I just tried to run CSD2 (2.6.000m1.1) on linux mint, but the game does not recognize my two XBOX 360 gamepads. They are definitely functioning properly when testing with jstest-gtk.

It seems, that the game can detect them when starting up:
GAMEPAD: Initialising Ubuntu support
Attempting to set gamepadcount to 32
GAMEPAD: Enumerating 3
Joystick: Microsoft X-Box 360 pad, bustype = 3, vendor = 0x045e, product = 0x028e, version = 276
looks like a joystick with guid : 030000005e0400008e02000014010000
Joystick has button: 0x130
Joystick has button: 0x131
Joystick has button: 0x133
Joystick has button: 0x134
Joystick has button: 0x136

But in the last lines of the games log it says:
Attempting to set gamepadcount to 0
done 1

I've played the game before in version 1.6 where gamepad support was working well.