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I've attached a couple screenshots to show why. On the main menu screen, part of the menu is cut off on the right (compared to v1.1.51). The real problem however, is on the new game screen, where both the "Return to menu" and "Start Game" buttons are essentially missing.

I wanted to try different resolutions, but Convoy also doesn't seem to pay any attention to the resolution in the settings.ini file anymore either.

I've attached screenshots of both versions for comparison.

Convoy never really supported 1920x1200, but previous versions seemed perfectly capable of displaying a letterboxed 1920x1080 image without cropping anything. These two images were taken back-to-back on the same computer, using Galaxy to roll forward to v1.1.52 and then back to v1.1.51 (where I will be staying until this is fixed).

Anyone else having issues?
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Yeah, this recently happened to me on my Macbook Pro, but my res 2880x1800. Maybe its a 16:10 vs 16:9 scaling issue.

Let's hope they fix it.
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Apparently it's already fixed in v1.1.53, which was released January 9th on Steam. Doesn't help us even a little bit until GOG gets it posted here, but at least the developers have fixed it already. I submitted a support ticket to let them know that a fixed version exists.
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Not sure if v1.1.53 ever fixed this issue, since I missed downloading it, but the problem does not exist with v1.1.54, which is the current version as of this writing.