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Hey guys, how can I remove a gadget from a house? I've bought this game back in 1999 and love it. When GoG released it, I couldn't believe and bought as soon as possible!
Having never played it before I find the lack of feedback makes the game much harder than it should have to be. Are there any "Tool Tip" kind of screens in the game?
I always play constructor on HARD. You should to.
It all goes too fast!! Can I make groups?
- Yup, you can! ctrl + F1... F12 to assign selected units to a group. F1...F12 to recall a group. Put your first 2 foreman under F1 and F2. Saves a s@!tload of time. Be sure to deactivate whatever functions dosbox has set under the function keys. (keymapper)
- Press enter for the HQ screen, handy when you have to replace tenants.
Dude, I have to get rid of some gadget stuff and/ or subways!
- Select a foreman, press "d" and click on the offending gadget.
Man, removing that tenant s@!ks! How do I do it?
- Select a hippy, start a party in front of his house and kill him with workers or send 2 foremen and take his property over.
The council asks me to take out the other guy's police station, what the HELL?
- The only solution I found is taking it out with gangsters, police seem to ignore mafiosi.
Oh no! My breeding lvl1 and 2 tenants complain about undesirables!
- Build a stone wall.
How do I destroy undesirable X's building?
- Use the psycho's ability "destroy house" for this
The computer's foremen are driving me bonkers!!! Always tryin' to take over my stufff!
- fend them off with workers, place doghouses where possible. Later build a clown and give them a ticket to the ride when they are taking over your property. The clown can corner the foreman when he is hitting one of the corners of your fence.
Man, Mario stole an oven out of one of my houses, some time later it blows up!!
- MANUALLY repair the house, that way it won' t go boom.
IT'S A FLOOD!!! Everything sinks!!
- Yes, that's mario's fault again. Send 3 fixers into the house where water pours out.
This is my build for constructor on HARD or multiplayer (NEVER PLAY WITH AI IN MULTI!!!!!! -> out of sync errors WILL occur) with the "build, build build" scenario.
I always upgrade breeding tenants's bedrooms 2 times. A third time is possible but not that cost effective.
Don't let money hold you back, whenever you don't have enough cash, get a loan!
- assign function keys to foremen
- Build a wood factory
- Assign each foreman with an extra worker
- one team works in the wood factory
- one team constructs houses
- assign function keys to the 2 repairmen (that way you are prepared for mario!)
- Put a slob in your first house, upgrade his bedroom 2 times an make them breed TENANTS
- Do the same to the second house
- and the third house but make them breed WORKERS
- build 4 lvl1 houses, put greasers in them en make them pay rent, do not upgrade these houses
- build a cement factory (You should have already build each of the lvl1 houses by now.
-Build a gadget factory
- Attend to complaints
-build 3 lvl1 houses, 2 with rent paying greasers. One with slobs, a computer and a two times upgraded bedroom. Let them breed lvl2 tenants
- build a lvl2 house, upgrade the bedroom 2 times and put punkers in breeding lvl2 tenants
- build two more lvl2 houses and put rent paying hippies in (build all types of lvl2 houses!)
- build a brick yard
- build a hospital
- build Lvl2 houses with rent paying hippies, reserve one for policebribes and one for breading lvl3 tenants. Put Punkers in these houses.
- build a policestation
Well that should get you started. Somewhere in between you should build a hippy comune and a pawn shop.
-I always have 2 slobs breeding lvl1 tenants and 1 slob breeding workers.
-I always have 2 tenants breeding lvl2 tenants.
-I always have 3 tenants breeding lvl3 tenants.
-I convert spare tenants to workers, which in turn are converted to repairmen or mobsters
-When people complain about neighbors, dogs or undesirables experiment with walls
-The major and wife can never be on the same estate as an undesirable. The poor outcast of society will be removed by the council!
Level 4 and 5 tenants are not feasible in multiplayer. They don't give you useful stuff to play with and are waaaay to uppity.
With the earlygame quest to take out an enemy tenant, I race to setup a brick yard then build a Mr Fixit (borrow money if necessary) on the enemy land, with him being so close to the enemy buildings, you can create a chain of exploding houses by having him pull the oven out of them. He can also blow up police stations, gadget factories and dwellings that produce undesirables.

If you want to have fun with the endgame undesirables that require a steel yard but don't want to buy more land/manage more tenants/houses and run the risk of getting a really painful quest, just take out a loan and build (for example) the 3 level 3 houses you need for the steel yard, then the steel yard, sell the level 3 houses and you're back to where you started but with a steel yard enabling you to build the good stuff.

Finishing off a cpu opponent can be a pain because they seem to at times have an unlimited supply of workers and you can't produce favours to the mob quickly enough to keep your gangsters knocking them out, let alone killing them. Use the clown's ferris wheel of death instead, this kills them first time everytime.
wpegg: I think it's at level 3 that the council hits you with its first really hard mission where you have to build a park off in some remote corner, so make sure when you're getting a fair bit of rent in before this point.
I always had problems with this "far away corner", but solution is very simple: built metro station by the park and some other by your HQ and factories. Actualy I put one on every quarter I can.
What's the concensus on the 'Remove Troublesome Tenant' Mission? This is really annoying me! I've tried the Thugs Houseparty but that didn't seem to do anything, they didn't even go into negative happiness! I can't kill them because they move too fast. Would the Hippy tactic work? Wouldn't they distract anyone I send to kill them?
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Only a couple of recommendations for that mission.

1. Station workers outside the house and follow the tenant to the nearest subway on his way to work. Just as he's about the go in, blast on him. He'll try to rush back to his house instead of going into the subway and your workers will kill him before he gets back.

^This used to be my mainstay, but it can be difficult to time, especially if he lives right next to the subway.

2. Build a Mob HQ, have a gangster kill the estate's repairman and then destroy the house.

^Never tried this, but I see no reason it wouldn't work. Maybe cover the estate with your own pigs to make sure the gangster doesnt get busted.

3. My current favourite: Grab everyone you possibly can (15 people or more should do - 2 full workgangs and three repairmen should be enough; you'll probably have at least that by this point) and move them into the tenant's house. They'll beat him and his wife up, put his stress levels through the roof and he'll leave within 10 days (70+ days on hard mode!). Too few people and your workers will walk out knackered and you'll be worse off.

Last game I got lucky and he died of old age almost instantly.
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A couple of general tips - Some may be common knowledge:

1. Closer to the endgame, the psycho is invaluable. Have him destroy a fence then send a foreman in to take it over. He'll walk straight into the front door. You can get very rich stealing and selling level 4 and 5 houses from under your enemies. Very useful in the Financial Scenario if you're behind.

2. IMO the foreman is the most underrated unit. The destroy house option is very versatile. Use it to get rid of squatters, ghosts, thugs throwing house parties and almost any undesirable or other character that will go onto a building's forecourt - like rival foremen trying to take over. As soon as the siren goes off, they'll make a run for it. Cancel the demolition and you've just saved your property for free. It's usually quicker to have a foreman threaten demolition from the pavement than to sent someone into the garden to attack. Doesn't work on cockroaches, you'll just lose the house for nothing.

3. Use your police to cover your undesirables' crimes. If you're controlling the estate, they're not. Just use 10% efficiency to cut down on cadets then cancel the pigs once the job's done.

4. Your gangsters can kill undesirables without being hurt. If you stop attacking, the undesirable will go back to what they were doing and stop fighting back. Use the 'stop' and 'attack' shortcut keys together to kill them without retaliation. This doesn't work with workers, tenants or other gangsters.

5. Piling 15+ people into an enemy's house will make the tenants leave quickly. I tend to use this when I'm 'GP hunting' to return my hospitals to normal.

6. Only killing people uses mob favours. Destroy buildings to your hearts content. If you're crafty, have workers finish people off if you're low on favour and need your gangster again.

7. The 'at least reduce my rent!' complaints usually come from stressed tenants - often living near working utilities. No stress, no complaint. 'Move your gangs out, lower the rent and then put it right back up.

8. If you're patient and need money enough, make punks pay rent. They'll make veiled threats to make you lower their rent for ten white marks. Lower the rent, raise it again, repeat, cash in white marks.

That's all can I think of for now. Hopefully some of these are helpful.
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Or simply, for the "remove troublesome neighbor" mission, use a cheap Hippy and throw a party in front of the neighbor house and send a ganster to destroy his house. The repairman will not be able to fix it because of the party going on. (The party will not attract your own gangster)
arkite: With the earlygame quest to take out an enemy tenant, I race to setup a brick yard then build a Mr Fixit (borrow money if necessary) on the enemy land, with him being so close to the enemy buildings, you can create a chain of exploding houses by having him pull the oven out of them. He can also blow up police stations, gadget factories and dwellings that produce undesirables.
Yes. Mr. Fixit is the best undesirable by far. Especially against the computer which doesn't seem to bother fixing their properties when you use the Gas Repair option.

As mentioned, he can take out police HQs and by my reckoning, is the easiest way to take out an enemy tenant. By Exploding them.

A couple of other tips:
-Put a Subway station right outside your gadget factory. It'll save you lots of delivery time.
-Same goes for the Hospital and possibly for your resource factories.
-A bit of a cheeky tactic this, but you can order your policemen to patrol enemy blocks and restrict their patrol route to right outside the buildings of their undesirables. (Also, put one in front of their central HQ and Mob HQ.
-Leave a little space between the lot entrance and building entrance for your factories and undesirable residences so you can put Dog Houses in them to keep out enemy takeover attempts.
-Don't set a repairman to patrol a block with the Clown's arcade on it. Anyone who enters the building will be killed.
Can you somehow delete a prop (tree, shed, pond, etc.) from a lot without blowing the damn place up?
Gaffateip: Can you somehow delete a prop (tree, shed, pond, etc.) from a lot without blowing the damn place up?
I think you can use a Foreman to 'destroy' the object from a lot. I know you can do it for subways on the blocks at least.
For the "remove troublesome neighbour" mission, i just get a foreman to capture the building. You complete the mission and can just sell the building if you dont want it
I find the best trick to playing vs AI is to rush your cement yard as fast as possible - and then as soon as they buy the second plot of land - build a Thief on it. You can build on the enemy land for double the buildings normal cost.

Against hard AI I build 2 Thief Shops on their 2nd plot within 15 seconds reach of their main base, you can then repeatedly steal money / resources from them. If you cant afford these then take a bank loan for £20k, build them both, and then repeatedly steal money from the enemy. You get £5k each time you steal so you very quickly have the cost back.

Each time you steal resources you get 10 Units, and this is NOT capped by your yard. You can get up to 35 by stealing.

Also smart idea to put a Mr. Fixit on their land as soon as possible as this allows you to take out their police station / any undesirables giving you trouble relatively quickly. The AI always employs policeman on every estate and therefore doesnt have enough cadets so if you put your Mr. Fixit close by and time it right you can blow it up easy.

Double Post.

Sorry one more thing.

The Lvl 2 Tenants the STUDENTS will pay the most for any property up until Lvl 5 tenants. You want to spam your level 2's as much as possible and put them in your first wave of Lvl 3 houses.

I tend to build 5 level 1 houses on my first estate with Lumber Yard, then get 3 of them rushing L1 Tenants and build another 4 Level 1 houses all on Rent. Then I put Level 1 Tenants in my first 3 (1 of each) level 2 structures as well for rent, until Ive built a Brick Yard / School and can get Level 2 tenants from my main breeders who by this time have probably died and been replaced on my first estate.

A level 1 tenant will have 8 babies in their life span of either L1 Tenants or Workers. When theyve had 6 it becomes quicker to evict and just reupgrade the bedroom from scratch.

Undesirable management.

Ever had a squatter in your house? Move your foreman up - select the demolition button and send him over. When he puts the plunger down on the ground the hippy will run out of the building for his life. As soon as you see him just click-move him somewhere to cancel the demolition and you get your house back.

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