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I recently managed to write a script that basically gives your workers a move order by right-clicking, much like how it works in most modern RTS games. You can get the script from here: https

You will need to install AutoHotkey to use the script:
After that, you just need to place the script into your Constructor folder (the same place where GAME.EXE can be found). You then need to run the game by executing this script from now on.
My script will only work if you chose to install DOSBox with the game's installer. If you didn't you will need to open my script with a text editor and manually specify where DOSBox is located.

My script basically makes it so that while the game is running, pressing the right mouse button emulates pressing the M key then left-clicking and the middle mouse button emulates a right-click (so that you can still deselect units).

Edit: Sorry for not providing hyperlinks. For some reason, I couldn't post this thread if I had a URL included in my post so I had to remove them.
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IIRC, you had to be at a certain rep before you could post links. Unfortunately, I don't know the specific details but maybe someone else could clarify.........
That would make sense.
I did manage to place links to the place I have the script uploaded though. It's just that the link has to be copy-pasted and make sure that HTTPS is used.