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Hello! Can someone help me here...?
In the middle of the game, when a fence is broken by an enemy, like always I send a foreman with his team to the house to build a new fence, but sometimes they never start! And there is no enemy on the terrain or in the house!
Is this a bug? Is there any patch? Thanks!
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Sorry, I missed this post. Anyway, better late than never...

Have you checked that you have the materials required to actually build the fence? That would cause the behaviour you're seeing.
Have you ordered a new fence to be built?

You need to build it as if from new.
Thank you both for your answers :) but yes, I have the materials and yes I order a new fence to be built. In fact, I try all the different fences ...
I'm assuming it's a bug :/
I had this problem while playing today. Workmen just stood around like mugs while I got hit with a penalty from the council.

In the end I just sold the house to get rid of the complaint.
Yeah, this is a known bug, unfortunately.
Have a look here for a description:
Unfortunately no fix has been found yet, as far as I am aware.
The above link has moved to /projects/constructor-fence-fixer.php, still no fix though, haven't looked into it further for a while!