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Hi, I'm sure this has been answered countless times for other games as this seems to be a recurring problem with older games I'm trying to run on my PC but the entire game has a pinkish tint to it. In other cases I have resolved this by changing the video resolution in game but cannot do that in this case so any help appreciated. I'm running it on windows 7 through an hdmi cable into an LCD tv
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Never heard of this pinkish tint problem before. Alot of the old games get the rainbow colours effect in win7, Its possible the fix for that might work for you. Just right click your desktop and open screen resolution. Then just leave that open whilst you play the game. Its an odd fix but its worked for a couple games.
Hmmm, maybe it's a bit more unique than I thought then. That would explain why I'm having such a hard time tracking down anything online to solve it. The screen resolution thing didn't work unfortunately but thanks anyway. If it helps, what's actually happening is, when I start the game up, I see DosBox start up, then my screen switches from 1360x768 (my default) to VGA and from there on pink basically replaces black and everything else has a pink tint to it. Not really the best way to play anything :(
Have you made sure the wires are all connected properly and not loose? Also is the tv set to hdmi and not dvi or something else?
The wires are fine, it works perfectly well with my other games and as I said this is not a one-off for me, it's just that I can usually fix it by adjusting in-game resolution. The TV is set to HDMI but when I start the game it switches to VGA. Is there a method to prevent this or is it possibly more to do with the TV than the PC? It's a Sony KDL-32V4000 by the way