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I know people love this game and i've been meaning to pick it up because it looks super interesting, but for the life of me the graphical style of this game freaks me out. I mainly mean the 3D stuff. The way all the 3D models look is really freaky...

Am I the only person who thinks this game has a creepy graphical style?
Post edited May 09, 2014 by timmer919hep
Ah... I remember this game was on sale at Circuit City for about twenty bucks quite some time ago. Played a bit of it and wanted to get it, but didn't.

It didn't freak me out as much back then, but now looking at it, it does look quite freaky, face proportions out of order with reality. I like the game interface, but when it comes to showing the characters up close, it does creep me out.
The 3D models while freaky are part of the games charm. Personally, I don't think I would enjoy the game is much without the goofy looking people :)