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Few days ago I saw Constructor at shop. When I decided to buy it, the game disappeared and there aren't option to buy it anymore. It will back to shop?
Due to legal reasons, game was removed from the catalogue. We all hope it will come back soon.
GOG mentioned this in one of their promos - "Constructor is unfortunately waving a (hopefully temporary) bye-bye to, as the rights to the game are changing hands. This is your chance to get it for only $1.99 before we have to pull it off of our shelf."
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Hoping this is indeed only temporary. GoG, I really hope you guys and the new owners of the Constructor IP will be able to come to an agreement and be able to resell the game again. To me, GoG isn't just a storefront, it's also an online archive for the classic games of yesteryear and a great place to check out old titles you missed the first time around.
thanks for the info, unfortunately I'm late few days :/
You can still get the game if someone has a giftcode. Unfortunately, I don't have one.
Lemme guess... if this game isn't on Steam already it will be, and exclusively at that. That's how all these deals work anyway.
The exact same thing happened with this game for me as what happened with Fallout. I have them on my wishlist with the intention of buying them as soon as I have some spare time to play games, then they get removed. I REALLY hope this doesn't start to happen too often on gog...
I bought Constructor on GOG awhile back will it also disappear from my purchased shelf ? Hope not
Rossy131: I bought Constructor on GOG awhile back will it also disappear from my purchased shelf ? Hope not
Nope, don't worry. ;)

CDON has a release date that says the 30th of January 2015. Boy I hope it's correct :D
says sep 30 :(