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The music in the hedge maze abruptly cuts off as soon as I go more than one screen in. Since the music plays at both ends of the hedge maze when I enter from either the chapel or the witches' court, I assume that it's supposed to play throughout.
I've also experienced this, and I'm sure others have, as well, now that I see it's not just me.

This is actually a well-hidden script bug within the game itself; it's caused when the next screen of the hedge maze is loaded in half a second or less (like, say, with modern computer speeds or too-high a cycle). It could actually be encountered back in the day, as well!

I alerted ScrummVM about the issue and provided my save file to them, and they've created a fix in the latest version of ScrummVM. You'd need to download and play the game through it instead of through GOG's auto-launcher (which may require redirecting paths in ScummVM's config to get your saves back), but I've had no issues with the maze since then.